Sunday, July 1, 2012

Children and Video game's

This Discussion is about kid's and Video game's .We as parent's think that video game's will ruin our Children mind's .I am a parent that love's video game's as will and i found out that there is a way that we can use video game as a teaching tool , for instance we can teach them fair play , responsbility and team work. Like i have a gaming clan called professionalxgaming. .I have a ranking system that they would have to read so they can rank themself up the chain of command ,I will tell them that if they want to be in a tournament they have to hold practices on there own .I also teach them to repect eachother no matter what male or female,not to use racist remarks' and to have fun while they learn to play fair.I love kid's and found out this is a good way that i could keep them off the streets and not  get into gang's or worst drug's. Me as a parent i would rather have my child in front of the Tv then in the street getting in to trouble.If you have any comments about this issue feel free to reply thank you. PS to all parents i will put a donation box on our website to help me pay for the website and for other thing's my kid's might need if you have any question about this feel free to send me and email at and i will answer any question or concerns you my have

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  1. I tried to explain this to my parents but... I just wish they would listen